this is what dumbledore sends his defender

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Summer holidays are the worst. When do these noisy little shits outside my flat go back to school? Do they just not have a bedtime in the summer? Anarchy.


girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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game of thrones s4 one week challenge : day 7 - favourite main character  : Jon Snow

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Okay, so, you’re an optimist with depressive tendencies.

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more of that dirty hipster au now featuring clint’s coffee shop and a lot more people

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Screencheat is a two to four player first-person shooter where everyone is invisible and the only way to eliminate your enemy or win the match is by screen cheating - as in looking at your enemies side of the screen to know where they are and hunting them down.

Screencheat is certainly a unique FPS in today’s gaming world where every shooter is almost of the same concept but with a different theme to them. Taking inspirations from classic competitive FPS games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Halo, it’s looking to be an extremely fun and competitive game with a big (invisible) twist.

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I can’t believe we are getting to the era of post-genres in gaming

What’s post-RTS going to be, you can only build your opponents units?

Either way i’m interested in where people can take them

this is so stressful to me i would get so frustrated playing this

Sound cool. I feel like panipinapan will appreciate this.

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thank u for saving bi lions

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I wish man but I have no money for flights and not enough leave saved up. Boo being a responsible adult.

I knew it was a pipedream, really, but I wanted you to know you were most welcome. Responsibility is the worst.